Welcome to JodiAdler.com or…a darker version of Doris Day…

Leaders of the voice over world have deemed my signature style WRY, DRY and SNARKY…and I say Thank you! But don’t worry, if you need a warm and heartfelt kooky neighbor, I’m also up for that task…but be warned…I’m more than just a funny voice…and certainly more than a funny face.

I come fully equipped with a working brain—as a former standup comic & news anchor/reporter you know I’ve learned to be fast on my feet!

And—I’m straightforward, inquisitive and have nearly boundless energy. See my inimitable style in action in one of the videos here on the site.

My essences have been described as:

Camping—Is that with or without room service?
Got you smiling, didn’t I?
Just a simple girl with very complex needs.
Tell me again why I have to play by your rules.
Long hours redecorating the dollhouse
If I made sense, I’d bore myself to death.
Please don’t disappoint me.

Buttered noodles and champagne for dinner.
Oh come on, you can tell me.
This better make a really funny story someday.
I keep trying to get strict with myself.
Well, I do have some concerns…
Doubled the circulation of my high school paper when I started writing the gossip column.
Still looking for home.

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